Free Activity Sheets for Kids

Not sure if Captain Mail is right for your child? Download and print any of the free activity sheets below to experience Captain Mail before you join our community!

Download & print any of these free activity sheets to use at home! 👇


Zoom off on an interstellar adventure with our free astronomy-themed activity sheets for kids! This pack takes young astronauts on a voyage through the cosmos, exploring the ancient science of astronomy, from the earliest observations to the cutting-edge space exploration of today. Learn about the planets, stars and galaxies, as well as the tools astronomers use to unravel the universe's mysteries.


Go on a fascinating journey through the world of medicine with our free medicine-themed activity sheets for kids! This pack explores the evolution of medicine, from ancient healing techniques to modern medical advancements. Discover the roles of doctors and how medicine has transformed over the years to keep people healthy and cure diseases.


Dive into the buzzing world of bees with our free bee-themed activity sheets for kids! Perfect for young explorers eager to learn, this activity sheet introduces the fascinating universe of bees – from the busy honeybees to the bumbling bumblebees.