Welcome to Captain Mail's Affiliate Program!

Welcome to Captain Mail's Affiliate Program!

We’re very excited you are interested in partnering with us.

Affiliates of all sizes are welcome to apply to the Captain Mail Affiliate Program which is professionally administered within the trusted ShareASale affiliate marketing platform. Once accepted into our program, affiliates are given access to creative assets for promoting our fun and educational packets to their audiences via their blogs, sites, social channels, apps, and other platforms. There is no charge to apply or join, and, as an affiliate, you’ll earn commission on every sale that you refer to us!

Please email us with affiliate program questions at:

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Frequently Asked

Easy (and via a trusted third-party)! You simply sign up to become our affiliate via the ShareASale affiliate marketing platform. Once approved into ShareASale and our program, you will gain access to special ShareASale-powered tracking links and banners. These can be embedded on your blog, site, social channel, etc. to track every click and subsequent sale you drive for Captain Mail. You’ll be able to track your performance at any point on ShareASale.

ShareASale handles all payments from Captain Mail to you. You’ll be asked to provide your payment preferences during the ShareASale sign up process.

To get started as a Captain Mail Affiliate simply apply to the Captain Mail Affiliate program on ShareASale and wait for our response. Each application is carefully considered by our affiliate management team.

Successful Captain Mail Affiliate candidates include mommy, family, education, homeschooling, gift, travel, entrepreneurial, and other related blogs! In addition, there are other affiliates who promote on coupon and loyalty sites, social media profiles, and through videos, podcasts, apps, and other creative channels. If you are unsure, go ahead and apply or just ask us at

Since our affiliates are paid for every sale they drive to Captain Mail, we are eager to pay on as many sales as they can legitimately produce for us! We aim to be competitive in the gift subscription space and have built performance tiers into our program to reward your efforts. Our default commission payout generally falls within the 25-40% range on the initial packet purchase. Private performance payouts may exist. Likewise, some limits may be placed on sales driven heavily by coupons.

In addition to the opportunity to earn monthly commission payouts, you will receive the support of a professional affiliate management team. That assistance includes frequent newsletters sent through ShareASale with incentives, bonus opportunities, promotions, contests, and seasonally-themed sales you can pitch to your audience.