Why Children Love Surprises

Remember the look on a child’s face when they’re thrown their first surprise party, or when they open an unexpected gift? That’s the magic of surprises - the ‘wow’ factor, regardless of the ‘what’.


Captain Mail knows all about this magic. Each week, when our little ones dash to the mailbox, they’re diving into a world of wonder, thanks to a new surprise waiting just for them.


But what makes surprises so special?


The Science of Surprises


Turns out, surprises do more than make our kids fizz with excitement - they light up their brains too!



Studies show that surprises, like those fun Captain Mail letters, spark parts of the brain that make our children feel super happy and excited.


Better yet? These moments aren’t just temporary; they create lasting memories that kids remember for far longer than the usual stuff we throw their way.


Our Tiny Scientists


Ever noticed how babies stare wide-eyed at something totally new? They’re like tiny scientists testing out their world.


When they see a toy car magically roll over a gap or witness a ball seemingly pass through a wall, their little brains work overtime to figure out the 'hows' and 'whys'.


Everything that’s unexpected makes them question what they already know.


Captain Mail gets this – every letter is a new discovery, a new challenge, a new story just waiting to be opened and explored.



The Lifelong Love of Surprises


Even as we grow older, a real surprise - an unexpected, mind-bending moment that catches us off-guard - still has the power to make us question everything we thought we knew.


So, next time you see that twinkle in your child's eyes from a surprise, remember it’s more than just the thrill. It’s their curious little minds growing and learning.


At Captain Mail, we’re all about keeping that spark alive and fostering a lifelong love for learning, one delightful surprise at a time.