Hatua Network + Captain Mail

Captain Mail Delivers Fun to Children of Mombasa, Kenya

The popular Captain Mail children sensation has crossed international borders and spread its informative hand to the children of Mombasa, Kenya. All this was possible through the efforts of Hatua Network, an NGO based in Mombasa, Kenya, that supports children's education in the region.


Captain Mail and Hatua Network Collaboration

Hatua Network, under the guidance of Gabriel Fondiler and Peter Kwame, who are the directors, have prioritized the education of Mombasa children under their guidance. Their collaboration with Captain Mail was a welcome addition to their objectives.


Hatua Network and Captain Mail’s collaboration has brought several benefits to the children of Mombasa. Apart from the fun aspect that Captain Mail brings with its educational process, there are many cognitive benefits from its learning approach.


Captain Mail in Mombasa, Kenya

Hatua Network, in line with its commitment to educating children in Mombasa County, organized a community-building activity on Friday, 18th March 2022; it used this event to introduce Captain Mails.


According to Captain Mail’s CEO Mr. Daniel, the company donated letters to children in Mombasa, under the Hatua Network. They contained different themes for the children to enjoy including a library theme, navigation theme, invention theme, language theme, clouds theme, and a museum theme.


Hatua Network integrated the letters into their library as a way for the children to get more out of them through their storybook read-aloud program.


Mode of Delivery

Hatua Network recognizes the ideal target audience for Captain Mail letters. It incorporated this fact into its community-building activity to derive more benefits from the process.


The organization's high school students were grouped into ten groups and visited ten orphanages with which Hatua collaborates. The students were briefed and assisted in distributing Captain Mail letters to the kids in the orphanages under the guidance of counselors.


In this way, 7 to 11-year olds in the orphanage got to experience a personalized learning process through Captain Mail material. They also enjoyed assistance from the high school students, who were more than happy to help out. Pictures and videos documented the whole fun-filled process.


The reception of Captain Mail was nothing short of a success story as the children enjoyed the new way of learning, which they didn't use before. Among that was the interactive games which used the letters; some were crosswords, puzzles, coloring sheets, and papercraft 3D toys.


Fun Newsletter

This part was rather interesting since it incorporated Hatua Network’s storybook read-aloud program. The older high school kids in Hatua divided themselves into smaller groups in the orphanages and proceeded to read the letters to the eagerly waiting kids.


Captain Mail’s fun and colorful design of the letters had a hand in making the information more appealing to learn. Visual aids proved to be an effective way to make kids more engaged in the learning process and reinforce their memory regarding the content passed.


Activity Sheet

The practicality of Captain Mail was seen here. The Children had a lot of fun solving kid-friendly crosswords, puzzles, and coloring pictures. It stimulates children's minds by helping them learn new ways of solving problems and developing critical thinking skills. They can later apply this to their adult life when dealing with various challenges.


3D Paper Toy

Another amazing step in the activities was kids creating 3D toys for themselves. The older high school students also had fun with this process when helping out the younger kids whenever they got stuck during the creative process.


The careful construction of the paper toy models proved to improve the kids' creative process and showed the kids how things fit together to form something whole. It can be a particularly good way to teach kids the importance of a single entity fitting in a whole model to achieve desired results.


Takeaways From Captain Mail Strategy

One thing that stands out with Captain Mail is the fun way to learn that they integrate into their material.


With the attention span of humans constantly reducing to all-time lows, it is paramount that we find new ways of engaging people, especially children, so that the required information is passed on effectively.


If you are wondering where Captain Mail manages to get all this information that they package so well, then wonder no more. Their collaboration with Encyclopedia Britannica Kids has enabled the passing of verified information regarding various topics.


Captain Mail takes this initiative to ensure that the information they pass through is kid-friendly, accurate, does not mislead children, and stimulates children's minds to learn useful information about the world.


Safe to say, a child who has interacted with Captain Mail letters is equipped with impactful knowledge that they can use in their lifetime.


In Summary

Captain Mail and Hatua Network initiative for the children of Mombasa is the beginning of an excellent partnership. It will see that the children of Kenya get to enjoy the benefits of the world being a global village.


Information is power, and empowering the young generation will yield greater rewards for the world as these children grow into adults.


Apart from this, the good psychological effects on the children while they interact with Captain Mail letters is a welcome advantage that needs fostering and development.


See YouTube videos of Hatua Network kids enjoying their Captain Mail letters.