Building Reading Habits in Kids with Captain Mail

Reading is about far more than the words on a page. When we sit with a book, worlds can unfold before our eyes, and characters can become like close friends. We take comfort in the way stories align with our real-life experiences, taking lessons from the pages that we can carry forward through life.


For children, reading is about honing cognitive skills and fueling imaginations, as well as helping academic performance and shaping a well-rounded personality. Building a reading habit from a young age is a challenge, but it’s also a necessity. In today's digital age, screen time often overshadows reading time, which means establishing a solid reading routine is fraught with difficulty.


It’s why this blog post will delve into the significance of instilling reading habits in children, explore the benefits of regular reading, and share actionable strategies - including how Captain Mail is revolutionizing the reading landscape for kids.


The Benefits of Regular Reading


From birth, humans are designed to develop their language skills. Through listening to their parents, having tactile reading experiences and eventually learning the building blocks of a language in school, children begin to learn how to communicate effectively from the earliest age. It’s why reading, either independently or with an adult, offers children so many benefits:


  • Cognitive development: Regular reading sharpens vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking. Studies have shown that kids who engage in consistent reading have a broader lexicon and better analytical skills.
  • Imagination and creativity: Books, along with Captain Mail's unique packets, offer a gateway to countless, ever-evolving realms. Each page turned or packet explored takes kids on imaginative journeys, encouraging them to envision, dream, and create.
  • Academic advantages: Research highlights a direct correlation between consistent reading and improved academic performance. When kids read, they're not just absorbing stories but also honing their ability to process complex ideas.


Setting the Right Environment For Reading


A child's surroundings play a pivotal role in nurturing their reading habit. When they feel comfortable, their imaginations are free to run wild and their enjoyment of reading increases as a result.


A serene and inviting reading corner, filled with comfy cushions and an assortment of books, is the best way to set your child up for reading success. This nook can also double as a Captain Mail exploration zone, where the week's latest letter can be eagerly opened and dived into. Such an area turns the anticipation of Captain Mail's deliveries into an even more exciting event.


Moreover, with Captain Mail's focus on providing age-appropriate, expertly designed content, kids find both entertainment and education neatly bundled together.



Making Reading a Family Activity


Research has shown that children who are read just one book a day will hear roughly 290,000 more words by age five compared to children who aren’t regularly read to.


Which means that making reading a family affair will give your child the best opportunity to expand their vocabulary, as well as better understand and learn about new subjects.


And it’s not just your child’s vocabulary that benefits. Spending time reading print books with a parent or caregiver provides plenty of emotional, cognitive and sensory benefits; hearing a familiar voice, feeling secure and comfortable, and holding something physical in their hands are all important for a child’s brain development.


Captain Mail's papercraft toys, included in each weekly packet, are a wonderful opportunity to sit together with your child, turning construction time into a family bonding moment.


As a parent, actively engage with each packet's content, discussing topics, and embarking on related adventures inspired by the weekly theme.


Diversifying Reading Material


Variety is the spice of (reading) life.


You can start small when your child is only young, but building a library for them that has a mix of genres and formats - ranging from graphic novels to classical literature, as well as newspapers and magazines - will expose them to a range of writing styles.


Captain Mail complements this library with its dynamic weekly themes, turning education into an endless adventure.



Setting Reading Goals and Celebrating Achievements


Set reading milestones, be it the number of books read, characters met or even just pages turned. Be sure to celebrate these achievements - perhaps with a themed outing related to a Captain Mail theme or creating an extended project based on one of the papercraft toys from each letter.


These celebrations reward your child for making great progress in their reading habit, further amplifying the joy of discovery and learning.


The Captain Mail Advantage


Captain Mail isn't just another reading tool; it offers unique advantages:


  • Ongoing fun: The exhilaration of discovering a surprise in the mailbox each week.
  • Perfect for all occasions: Be it birthdays, holidays, or simple stay-in-touch moments, Captain Mail is always suitable.
  • Kid tested, kid approved: Parents can rest assured knowing that Captain Mail's content is not only educational but also tailored to maximise fun and engagement.


To foster a love for reading in a child is to provide them a lifetime of adventures, insights, and knowledge. The road has its challenges, and it isn’t straightforward, but subscriptions like Captain Mail are helping parents to navigate these challenges while making the journey more enjoyable for children.


Parents, here's your call to action: create a reading-rich environment at home and leverage Captain Mail's weekly, educational and personalised letters.