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Our story...

Like many other parents over the last year we spend a lot of time at home with the kids, they were not paying attention to their online classes and they were spending more time than we'd like to admit on their screens. So we set out to create fun and educational letters addressed to our kids so that they had some screen-free fun to look forward each week. We realized that this is something that many other children might enjoy and brought this idea to life.


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every week, PacKed with fun

Fun-packed Newsletter:

With its encyclopedia Britannica powered Content of the Week, Word of the Week, and Question Section - all designed to create the love of screen-free learning & reading.

Everchanging Activity Sheet

Everchanging list of brain-busters with every week's theme from Tic-Tac-Toe and WordSearch to Coloring & Mazes. 

3D Paper Toy

Assembling the paper-craft 3D toys is a great way for kids to improve their focus and fine motor skills. Kids will also be playing with it long after they are done with the letter!

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