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We are Excited To Introduce Captain Mail!

Captain Mail’s mascot isn’t a regular superhero. Rather, Captain Mail is every kid’s sidekick as they continue to realize the hero inside each of them. The Captain’s job isn’t to battle villains and save the world. Instead, the Captain is here to teach kids about the superpowers they already have. In fact, the Captain is here to show kids that they can save the world because they are the real heroes.

We are thrilled to share Captain Mail with you, and we hope that the Captain serves as a constant reminder of the good that lives in each of us.

Through messages for Captain Mail kids, the Captain will teach readers how to unlock their very own superpowers. This will remind all Captain Mail Kids that they are the superheroes in their own lives, and that they can use reading and learning to create positive outcomes in their lives. We have seen the positive outcomes that have come when kids feel confident in their learning, and Captain Mail helps kids see this quality inside each of them.

Captain Mail promotes qualities like honesty, kindness, and compassion, to name a few. Through positive messages and short activities, Captain Mail kids will learn that there are many ways they can be the heroes in their own lives. Captain Mail encourages kids to make great choices, and keeps them hopeful and excited about their own individual futures.

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